Agrifac - HexxTraxx

12-row beet harvester with 28 tons bunker

Introduced to the market more then ten years ago, and now redesigned: the Exxact HexxTraxx: The 12-row self-propelled sugar beet harvester with a 28 tons holding tank, six wheel drive and six wheel steer. 

Unique features of the new HexxTraxx are the optimal weight distribution between the six wheels and the low ground pressure, fantastic manoeuvrability, ideal position of the elevator web, the high cleaning capacity, the high output  per hour, the comfortable and spacious cab and last but not least the ease of use for the operator. The EcoTronicPlus system ensures optimal interaction between operator, machine operation, engine management, monitoring and diagnostics of the complete machine. The terminal with the multifunctional touchscreen is very clear and easy to use. With this screen all basic settings can be easily adjusted by the operator. The different speeds of the various machine functions and driving speed can be set independently from the engine speed. Functions that are most commonly used during harvesting are controlled by on the joystick. The HexxTraxx is equipped with an integral defoliator and the newly developed ProtectPlus scalping system which ensures the best results. The cab gives an optimal view in all directions and a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Sklizeň řepy se systémem Exxact, tj. co nejvíce řepy

Brilliant Simple – nejchytřejší sklizeň s tím nejjednodušším provozem

  • Kapacita: největší řepný kombajn na světě
  • Kapacita: nejvíce řepy na osobu, na hektar, za hodinu
  • Kapacita pomocí automatizované práce; práce jediného člověka 
  • Nejnižší přítlačný tlak na řádek
  • Nízké náklady díky nízké spotřebě paliva a nízkým nákladům na údržbu
  • Kapacita, kapacita, kapacita
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